STARTING a fitness
business is easy, but
RUNNING a successful
one is hard.

Two-Brain Business is the industry leader in teaching the systems fitness entrepreneurs need to succeed.

How We Started

In 2008, Chris Cooper found himself in a trap all too familiar to new gym owners: Running a gym, working all the time, but still losing money every month.

He loved helping his clients improve their health, but he knew if he couldn’t make the business profitable, it wouldn’t matter—he’d be bankrupt and probably asking one of them for a job.

Out of desperation, Chris did the last thing he could think to do: he borrowed money and hired a business mentor. Chris’ mentor showed him everything he was doing wrong. Marketing. Sales. Staffing. Revenue streams. Everything got an overhaul.

The business became profitable, and Chris had a revelation. He thought of all the gym owners who didn’t have mentors—whose businesses would fail long before they ever solved the riddles he had help in solving. He began blogging about the lessons he had learned, and readers began requesting mentorship.

Within a few years, the blogs had become books, and the mentorship requests were piling too high for Chris to handle them all himself. He started building a staff, and launched in 2016.

Where we are today

As of 2021, Two-Brain is the largest gym mentoring practice in the world.

We employ a small army of dedicated mentors, and have already helped thousands of fitness entrepreneurs grow their businesses, get control of their time, and start living life on their own terms.

We believe we are serving not only the entrepreneurs who hire us, but also their clients, whose health and well-being benefit from the increased service the owners are able to provide.

Where we’re going

Our mission is to make 1 million entrepreneurs successful worldwide.

And, we know that “success” means something different to everyone who engages with our business. Some want to make millions and build empires. Others just want to rest assured that rent’s getting paid and they won’t need to miss any more community kickball games.

That’s why we don’t sell courses. We sell what we believe in: individualized, 1-on-1 mentorship. Our clients include Crossfit operators, independent owners, and anyone trying to earn a living helping others improve their health. Here’s how Two-Brain client Dino Molnar found success:

How we can help

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